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Strawberry Social this Sunday, July 7th

Strawberry Social this Sunday, July 7th

Some people say that they like the Fall the best, others like the Winter or the Spring. But really, let’s face it. The best time of year that we can all agree on is strawberry season.


A good local strawberry in season is like a little burst of happiness that has been ripened by the sun’s glory. The joy you get when biting into one and that beautiful sweetness floods your taste buds goes unmatched for the rest of the year. You can try to fill that void with other fruits, or lesser substitutes shipped from halfway across the globe, but all fall flat in comparison to that most noble of fruits, the sun-ripened local strawberry.


And so, this Sunday, July 7th, we at the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market will be devoting our day to celebrating the fleeting wonder of this noblest of fruits. Get baskets of strawberries to take home (best get an extra one to eat on the way), strawberries and whipped cream to feast on during your visit, and all sorts of strawberry products from our vendors. We will also be featuring crafts and stories for the kids, and live music from the Swamp Ward Orchestra at 11:00!

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